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  • Supermax Supermax 4712 jogar Get the keys and get out of each room.You must avoid contact with the guards at all cost. They can not see you if they do not look in your direction.
  • The Square 2 The Square 2 4422 jogar Get the ball rolling in this puzzle-filled gauntlet! Click a block to rotate it. If the ball is in a block, it cannot be rotated. Use the arrows outside of the square to rotate the entire puzzle and get the ball rolling. Create a path for the ball to reach its matching-colored block, passing through any check points, before the timer runs out!
  • Dark Mouse Demo Beta Dark Mouse Demo  Beta 4407 jogar Play the game and find all the secrets.
  • One Button Arthur One Button Arthur 3877 jogar Help Arthur to perform action to solve the puzzle and defeat the monsters on his way out keep alive as much as possible.
  • Alladin's A-maze-ing Map Alladin's A-maze-ing Map 3836 jogar Help Alladin to escape by drawing a path or line.
  • Head Up Gold Head Up Gold 3501 jogar Move with in the given area and collect all the coins within the time limit. Your ultimate goal is to open the treasure with the key you got.
  • Amazing Maze Amazing Maze 3428 jogar The race is on: who can unravel the complexities of this amazing maze first?
  • Pequeña caperucita roja cookie fiesta Pequeña caperucita roja cookie fiesta 2507 jogar Ayudar a Caperucita roja a recoger suficientes galletas para la fiesta y encontrar su camino a través del laberinto galleta! pero ten cuidado con el lobo e importantes. |
  • Chomp n Chew Chomp n Chew 2404 jogar Guide the wind-up mouth through the Pop-Tarts® toaster pastry before time runs out.
  • Tom And Jerry In Cheese Chasing Maze Tom And Jerry In Cheese Chasing Maze 2381 jogar Help stuck Jerry to escape from the maze that Tom built. Collect extra points and avoid obstacles.
  • Valentine Love Road Valentine Love Road 2322 jogar This Valentine, Lylie and Xitua will making a romantic date on the Heart Hall of Valentine City. However before going there she has to over the love road to get to the bus station where Xitua is waiting for her. Let's come on with BowBie to help her find
  • Scramball 2 Scramball 2 2184 jogar Being on the ball is not enough--you have to be the ball!
  • Bob The Thief Bob The Thief 2146 jogar Collect all the money and escape.
  • Chef poco Chef poco 2061 jogar La ayuda de Charlie navegar por el laberinto de recoger todos los regalos deliciosos para preparar el desayuno olímpica en chef poco. cuidado con los malvados en el camino. |
  • Invisible Gauntlet Invisible Gauntlet 1932 jogar Can you avoid dangers unseen?
  • Gravity Maze Gravity Maze 1839 jogar Bring the ball from the star to the finish without killing your ball to the red death zones
  • Easter Maze Easter Maze 1832 jogar Navigate the maze with dot to get the Easter egg in short duration.
  • Slip n Slide Slip n Slide 1814 jogar Slip 'n slide your way through 50 stages! (02/02)
  • Gravity Shift Gravity Shift 1604 jogar Roll and jump your ball through this platform as gravity changes on the background color.
  • Enlace s aventura Enlace s aventura 1595 jogar Bienvenido a su aventura. primero debe ir a buscar la bolsa bomba. ahora se ejecutan y descubrir su destino. hay que cruzar el laberinto a través a conseguir el ámbito esférula. para lanzar bombas, tecla de control de prensa. |
  • Oreos Extreme Creme Control Oreos Extreme Creme Control 1549 jogar Build the longest pipeline before the creame bits pour out!
  • La historia del café La historia del café 1541 jogar Un juego corto de averiguar qué hacer clic para seguir avanzando.
  • Simpsons pacman Simpsons pacman 1433 jogar Jonrón de guía por el laberinto, mientras que la recolección donas cuando se reúnen todas las donas en el laberinto, que pasaremos a la siguiente nivel. jonrón puede beber una cerveza Duff para derrotar a enemigos como la serpiente. se vuelve loco cuando bebe una. pero Homer sólo puede permanecer bebido una cantidad limitada de tiempo. |
  • Mice Maze Mice Maze 1373 jogar Make this mummy mouse to feed the little one. Just connect the pipes accordingly, and create the path for the food to reach the little mouse. Your score increases with the correct path that you create. Your game comes to an end if there is any block in the path that damages the food. You need to complete the task within the time limit to move on to successive levels.
  • Receptores de monedas Receptores de monedas 1370 jogar A recoger su oponente, incluso si se lleva un poco de juego sucio! recoger tantas monedas como puedas y el uso de potenciadores para detener a su oponente. se tienen 100 segundos! |
  • Kiss the Bride Kiss the Bride 1355 jogar Wedded bliss is only a kiss away! Kiss your bride before she gets away!
  • Bubble Elephant Bubble Elephant 1335 jogar Grosbraril the underwater elephant has lost his girlfriend Girlyfant! The evil Doramushka has kidnapped her and taken her to a place far under the surface. Help Grosbraril to find his way through the underwater mazes to find her back! Move through the maze, but try not to touch too many bubbles. The fact is that Grosbraril drinks them, and if he swallows to many of them, he will explode! In the mazes you will find several power-ups that help you to accomplish your mission. Some power-ups reduce your size if you drink too much water, others scare your enemies, others make you move faster. Every maze is a kind of puzzle that you will have to solve.
  • Bravo pinzas Bravo pinzas 1279 jogar Moverse por el laberinto y evitar entrar en las trampas. |

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